The Caped Crusader


Crime Genre

No. of Seasons


No. of Episodes


Running Time

25 minutes

The Caped Crusader is a very popular animated TV Show.


Character Actor No. of Apperearnces
Batman/Bruce Wayne Kevin Conroy 29
Robin/John Blake Joseph Gordon-Levitt 25
The Joker Mark Hamill 25
Killer Croc Aron Kincaid 20
Mr. Freeze Maurice LaMarche 20
The Riddler Wally Wingert 20
Commissioner Gordon Gary Oldman 18
Two-Face Troy Baker 18
Harley Quinn Tara Strong 18
Clayface Rick D. Wasserman 18
Lucius Fox Taio Cruz 9
Dr. Young Erin Sanders 9
Dr. Jones Logan Henderson 9
Dr. Wingert Jim Carrey 9
Armadeus Arkham Christopher Lee 9
Joe Chill Richard Brake 4
Martha Wayne Jessie J 3
Bruce Wayne (8) Ty Panitz 3
Thomas Wayne Linus Roache 3


Season 1Edit


Season 2Edit


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